Our Imam Uzair is a highly regarded, registered marriage celebrant who has solemnized hundreds of marriages not only in Queensland and Australia but all over the world with his prayers and Allah’s (swt) blessings. We would like to congratulate you on your upcoming marriage and may Allah (swt) bless you and your family. We will be honoured to be part of this noble celebration and assist you with the Islamic and legal requirement of Nikah (Marriage) as per the Australian Marriage Act.
The following are the basic guidelines and documents required on the marriage process. However, we highly recommend you to reach out to us for a more detailed and updated information and we will be able to do a review of your marriage application details beforehand.
• A copy of a government identification card for each party signing must be attached.
• A copy of previous marriage or divorce documents must be attached.
• Consent is required for a virgin female by her parent guardian either through his presence or by presenting an official consent from him unless she can submit proof that negates the necessity of his consent.
• The applicant must not be associated with a valid legal marriage.
• There is a fee for producing the marriage contract and issuing the religious marriage certificate.
• Any information provided by the applicant in this form will not be disclosed without their consent unless disclosure becomes religiously or legally necessary


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