Our Services

Islamic Society of Holland Park (ISHP) provides opportunities, positive experiences and  education to the community to maintain a socially healthy, open and productive Muslim community who bears the moderate view of anything and everything in the community.


Islamic Education

  • Quran Tafsir
  • Hifz of Al Quran
  • Boys and Girls Madrasa
  • Adult and Youth Education Classes
  • Daowa Works

Social Services

  • Sadaqa and Zakat Distribution
  • Fundraising Opportunities for  non-profit organizations
  • Helping New Muslims (Revert)

Marriage Services

Marriage services are provided by  Imam Uzair Akbar. Please contact Imam on 0419 798 629.


Funeral Services

Muslim Funeral Services are conducted by the organization called Muslim Funeral Services(MFS). Also the following Imams can be contacted for funeral services Imam Uzair Akbar (Holland Park Mosque) – 0419 798 629 Imam Akram Boksh(Slacks Creek Mosque0 – 0431 672 263 Mufti Junaid Akbar (Bald Hills Mosque) : 0412 991 971

Daowa Works

This mosque is the center (markaj) of the Daowa works in the Queensland. Over the past 30 years work of Daowa is established in this mosque. The following Daowa works are conducted from this mosque.

  • Weekly Ijtema on Friday: Program begins after Magrib prayer and finishes after Isha prayers.
  • Visiting Local Muslims : Tuesday evening
  • Visiting Muslims in neighboring area: Wednesday and Sunday Evening
  • Jamats from Nationals and Internationals are visited very often
  • Yearly Ijtema takes place in Darra Mosque during Easter Break.

Other Activities

Mosque Open Days

Visiting Mosques By Non-Muslims students and teachers and Church Groups

Interaction to community members from other faiths