The Holland Park Mosque has long history over 100 years. This is the first mosque was built on the East Coast of Australia in 1908.

Birth of the Mosque

The land where the mosque is now , owned by an Australian named “Frederik Lamley”. In 1906 , he gave permissions to use this land and a little tin house to the local Muslims as prayer place.

Original tin house

Original tin house

History of 100 Yrs

History of 100 Yrs

In fact on 30th October , 1908 a group of local Muslims met and established “The corporation of the Mohammedan Mosque , Mt Gravatt” which is known now Holland Park Mosque.

On 27th November 1908 , the first executive committee was formed in a general meeting. The committee was comprised of 17 members.

President : Koonoomeah (Quilt maker of South Brisbane)

Treasurer: Mohomed Howsan(Hawker)

Abdul Kaus: Secretary(Mattress and quilt maker of Mt Gravatt)

Futta(Fotth) Deen: Committee Member (Hawker of Mt Gravatt)

 In 1909 , On October 29  this property was purchased from ownership of Fanny Maria Henzel by the sum of 5 pound sterling for the purpose of building a permanent mosque.

Most of the community in those days were from Afghanistan, with few Indians from Punjab and Bengal.

The mosque was mostly frequented by the local Muslims and the aging camel drivers, who by this time were retiring their camels and settling down due to to rise of the trucking industry as the dominant mode of transporting goods across the country.